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Emulsification tank you need to understand the scope of application

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One or more is the role of emulsifying tank material (water soluble solid phase and liquid phase or jelly, etc.) in another kind of liquid phase, and make its hydration relatively stable emulsion. Is widely used in edible oil and other raw materials, powder and sugar mixed emulsifying, certain emulsifying dispersion paint, paint also use emulsifying tank, especially in some difficult sol additives such as CMC, xanthan gum, etc.

Emulsification tank is suitable for cosmetic, medicine, food, chemical, dyeing, printing ink and other industrial production, especially for matrix viscosity, solid material content higher material preparation emulsion more efficacy.

(1) the makeup of industrial products: cream, emulsion, lipstick, shampoo, etc

(2) pharmaceutical industrial products: ointment, syrup, ophthalmic, antibiotic substances, etc

(3) the food industrial products: jam, butter, margarine, etc

(4) chemical industrial products: chemicals, synthetic adhesive, etc

(5) dyeing industrial products: paint, titanium oxide, etc

(6) printing ink, ink color ink, resin, paper printing ink, etc

(7) other: paint, waxes, paint, etc


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