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Many couplet body stainless steel fermentation tank is how to solve the problem?

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Much couplet of stainless steel fermentation tank, involving many couplet of fermentation tank structure, specific involved can be arbitrary combination of couplet of stainless steel fermentation tank structure. Including the base unit, under the base unit wheels; Fixed installation on each base unit has a stainless steel fermentation tank; Each base unit of the side of the left and right side position each have a groove, groove is located in the middle of the base unit thickness direction; About the back edge location in each base unit with a convex sets, two base unit before and after the docking, convex platform embedded in the groove; Through groove side up and down and convex set in the vertical hole of a column, insert the shake handshandle of column top set has a ring, handle the lower card in arc wall on the surface of the base unit. More couplet of stainless steel fermentation tank solves the existing structure of couplet of stainless steel fermentation tank is fixed, or three or four together, such as when use, will not be able to freely according to the production of a combination of, use inconvenience caused problems.

Stainless steel fermentation equipment, including tanks, the product of the tank on a jacket, a product tank at the top of the inoculation and feeding mouth mouth, product with mixing device and foam control device of tank, the product of the mixing device is equipped with the impeller and defoaming OARS, stirring device connected to the speed regulating motor products, the product at the bottom of the tank is equipped with special sampling valve and emptying valve. Stainless steel fermentation device has simple structure, convenient operation, can effectively control the oxygen, naisuanjian corrosion, short fermentation cycle, good sealing, can reduce dye bacterium, and easy to clean.


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