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Large-scale Beer Brewing Equipment-Fermentation Equipment

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We always adhere to the tenet of "reputation first, users utmost", "reasonable prices, superfine services", persist in the operation tenet as "quality builds up brand, sincerity creates future", keep faithful, honest and practical in exploitation, and maintain flourishing development vigor continuously. We will consider every details for customers from a view of a friend, to meet customers' demands to a maximum degree, and consider the costs required by customers at the same time, so as to make services for customers beyond the costs.


We can design fermentation tanks and bright beer tanks of various volumes, diameters or heights according to customers' requirements, with following features:

1. Tank diameter:Φ1800mm~7000mm;

2. Effective volume: 10m3~600m3;

3.Cooling jacket form: semi-round pipe type or honeycomb plate type;

4. Cooling media: direct cooling of alcohol, water or liquid ammonia;

5. Support pattern: support by foot or seat;

6. Mechanical polishing treatment on internal surface of tank: surface roughness ≤0.4μm;

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