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Large-scale Beer Brewing Equipment

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Capacity: 5/10/20/30m3 or customized

Five Vessels: Mash tun & lauter tun & kettle tun & whirlpool tun & mash copper

Heating method: by steam, by electricity, by fire


1. The whole saccharification equipment is made of imported stainless steel. The internal surface of the vessels is polished. The external surface undergoes matte treatment and fog & oil cover light treatment. After treatment by the technology, the surface on the equipment is intact with graceful appearance, without welding seams, surface fog color, color changes and strong reflected lights.

2. The parts of gas discharging pipes on the second floor is shaped with a plate, without ring seam welding, and they are connected with the boiler body in the manner of insertion without expansion joint and with nice appearance.

3. Honeycomb plates in the jackets of saccharification boiler and gelatinization boiler are shaped by special molds, and undergo internal annealing treatment so as to ensure welding quality.

4. By adopting special blending blade and rotation numbers, the saccharification boiler and gelatinization boiler are suitable for the technological requirements of using rice, corn and starch as the accessorial materials, which can reduce production costs.

5. The latest boiling boilers designed and manufactured can be classified into three categories: (1). high efficiency compulsory boiling; (2). low pressure dynamic boiling; (3). automatic circulative boiling.

All of these can effectively reduce boiling time and save large amount of energy.

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