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The feasibility analysis

Project confirmation, according to the actual needs of customers, product level, the production process were analyzed, and provide perfect engineering plan, drawing up the budget.

Engineering design

Reference to advanced design concept, combined with their own advantages, detail planning and design of the construction scheme, provide valuable technology scheme, listen to and absorbing the opinions of the customer, to ensure effective implementation steps.

Product manufacturing

Approved evidence production drawings is manufacturing, all off-site manufacturing equipment to the identifying of the person in charge of by our quality control to comply with strict rules.

Engineering installation

Based on years of experience, combined with engineering technology and site conditions make the installation process procedures, send special professional project site, arriving from equipment, lifting, in place to installation instructions, SAT the scene debugging, acceptance, trial production and project handover process to provide the best service.

Commissioning, training

The equipment debugging, our engineers will be guidance to the scene, and with customers in all kinds of equipment performance test and get customer recognition, theory combined with on-site guidance training, to operate independently.

Production management consultant

In order to ensure the normal operation of production, we can according to single machine, production line, or the whole plant maintenance plan, and maintenance of equipment according to customer's requirements and to provide fittings.

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