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ZHEJIANG Dongtie machine equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coast of Wenzhou, "China food pharmaceutical machinery industry base, Binhai Industrial Park; is a collection of research, development, production, sales and the provision of national high-tech enterprises to improve customer service service, the products are widely used in food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, daily chemical industry packaging machinery, equipment and other fields. Complete processing equipment, process improvement, strong technical force, with excellent product development and design capabilities and rich experience in production. For cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy products manufacturers to provide mechanical equipment design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, technical support, technical support, technical consultants, and other services. In particular, water treatment equipment, stainless steel tanks, equipment, sterilization equipment, such as the company's expertise. Equipment manufacturing and engineering construction experience, reliable quality, good results.

Dongtie machine has many years of experience in machinery manufacturing enterprises, its diverse and high-quality products that meet a variety of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, dairy products in the fields of need. Along with the science and technology change rapidly, we uphold and perfect all kinds of precision manufacturing, machinery production, stainless steel tank, in the functional design, energy data, material selection, welding technology, quality control process, and even beautify the appearance of each process, all by the careful planning and requirements, to meet the food products. The inspection standard with health pharmaceutical production.

The production line for the traditional production technology of Japanese, the introduction of Japanese professional technology, improve product quality and technical level, and with new manufacturing technology and unique flat molding pressure plate, advanced welding, weld stress elimination equipment, more to improve the service life of the product function, and R & D, and can meet various quality requirements and inspection standards. Widely received by the manufacturers.

Dongtie machine with professional technology, high-tech equipment that we provide the best guarantee of quality products. Whether you are looking for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and packaging equipment, or for the entire project and worry about, please believe us, here are the products of high quality, facilities and engineering professional team waiting for you, let us explore together with your decision, and common progress!

The company spirit of "people-oriented" business philosophy, with its own strength, reliable product quality, reasonable price, high praise and trust of good reputation and perfect service won the domestic and foreign cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food manufacturers.

Customer satisfaction is the vedette person tireless pursuit of goals and ideas. Widt will be based on the enterprise has achieved many domestic customer recognition and support, improve the core competitiveness, and constantly optimize the product structure, and constantly improve the management mechanism, and actively introduce technical personnel, with strong technical strength as the backing, the heart is committed to product design and development, promotion, so that the most excellent quality, the new East image, return customers.

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